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Richmond Hill

mouse control richmond hillThe infestation of mice and rats in our home or commercial surroundings, tend to threaten our space, our health and even hamper our daily routine activities. It becomes absolutely vital that we find a solution to this problem before it spreads and the mice multiply even further. Rodents tend to be a real nuisance as they also pose as possible hazards to the health of adults, children and even pets.

At Mouse Control Richmond Hill, we help you keep these pests at bay, so that they do not restrict your safety and movement in your personal or commercial space. We offer long term, reliable and affordable solutions with the use of professional extermination methods carried out by trained and licensed exterminators. So, if you notice even a few mice running around your property, call our technician at 647-496-0492 and our team of experts will pay you a visit, examine your property and suggest the best solution.

Health Risk Attributes

Mice multiply very fast and within a short span of time can breed and reproduce to several hundreds. Apart from the obvious destruction caused by these rodents, there is always the messy, unclean surroundings and potential health risk. Mice and rat traps, in the case of an infestation, are not very helpful as you can only catch one mouse at a time. And at the speed at which these rodents multiply, single rodent traps won’t help. The option of DIY extermination methods may not be the best option either as the rodenticides used are harmful to health, especially if they haven’t been placed discreetly and are accessible to pets and children at home. At Mouse Control Richmond Hill, we

The Biology Of Mice

Mice invade homes looking for the fulfillment of their basic necessities – food and shelter. They have a very high breeding rate and a mouse can live up to 3 years, on an average, in proper environments. A home adequately filled with food supplies is an ideal breeding ground for these pests. Due to their petite structure they are able to vanish into tiny holes and cracks in the wall or ceiling, thus making it almost impossible to chase and catch. They are nocturnal breeders and can grow from a few mice into a whole infestation in just a matter of months.

Customized Treatments

We at Mouse Control Richmond Hill understand that every home or commercial setting may not have the same level of infestation and hence the extermination procedure too will need to be different. Depending on the basic criteria such as the size of the infested area, people inhabiting the property and other such factors, we will provide to you a completely customized solution to rid your home or office of those unwanted rodent perils. Call us at 647-496-0492 and our experienced staff will assist you with the right solutions.