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mouse control mississaugaMice control Mississauga. Effective and reliable treatments for rodents. Guaranteed results by licensed pest control professionals. Getting rid of mice on your own can turn into a prolonged and costly ordeal. Have the professionals perform the treatment and mice will go away. For effective solutions call: 647-496-0492

Exclusive services provided for the treatment and effective extermination of mice from your residential and commercial sites. Avail our reliable services in Mississauga and surrounding areas. Contact our technician who will assist you in booking an appointment and our trained and licensed exterminators will inspect and monitor your property to analyze the level of infestation before providing treatment recommendations. For mice control in Mississauga call 647-496-0492

Mouse Infestation: Health Risks

It is easy to detect the presence of mice in your residential or commercial settings. Sightings of mouse droppings, faint squeaking sounds from the walls or store room, etc. give you a clear indication that you have a mouse infestation. With the infestation of mice in your home or at your office, there is a high risk of contracting dangerous diseases. Mice spread diseases through their feces and urine. Even their bites could prove harmful. Mice mainly look for food and shelter; and if they find these primary requirements fulfilled in your home, they will infest it and multiply at a very fast pace. Due to their body structure, they are able to squeeze into the tiniest cracks and holes; thus making it difficult for you to spot or attempt to capture them yourself. There is also the risk of being bitten.

About Mice and Rats

Even though mice and rats are both pesky pests, there is a slight difference between the two. It is easy to distinguish them based on a few physical and behavioral characteristics. Mice are smaller in size as compared to rats, and do not make much sound while running. Mice are mostly found in residential settings while rats mostly infest and breed in a more commercial setting. The reason is that mice generally feed on the same food items consumed by human beings. Both mice and rats are excellent runners and swimmers. Hence, it is best left to the professionals at Mouse Control Mississauga to deal with exterminating and controlling these miscreants.

A Definite Solution

Getting rid of mice is not an easy task and people usually attempt DIY methods that are available in the market. The drawback about these methods is that even though they may temporarily rid your property of mice, the mice are likely to return after a short while. Our team of exterminators at Mouse Control Mississauga is trained, experienced and licensed to assist you with your problems. After careful examination and analysis, our skilled team plans the extermination procedure. The team is trained to deal with the most complicated of infestations. Fully equipped with a special formed anti-coagulant, our expert exterminators set up bait stations for these rodents to feed on the poison, eventually ridding you of the mice and rats. You can also get advice on controlling such infestations here so call us at 647-496-0492 right away.