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Mice are probably the most destructive species out there and although they do have encouraging traits in line with their role in nature, these creatures do pose a serious nuisance on the residential and commercial front. While at home they pose several health hazards and could even bite children as well as adults, on commercial premises, they pose various risks to the business apart from the usual hazards and could result in your business creating a shoddy impression on customers too.At Mouse Control Markham, we ensure that each of these problems is tackled effectively by ending the mice menace on your property.

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Keeping Mice Away

The best way not to have a mouse problem is to keep them away in the first place! To achieve this, you need to make sure that none of the elements that mice find attractive is present on your property. Of course, there isn’t a lot that a mouse needs to make a property its home but even so, precautionary measures always help.

Therefore, trash, organic wastes, food materials and even waste that can attract mice should be disposed of in an organized manner. Having these items lying around is sure to create a mice menace, although Mouse Control Markham is always at hand to tackle the problem.


Catching Mice

While mice may scamper from one end of your property at seemingly breakneck speed, catching them with the help of traps is relatively easier than one would think. A simple spring trap usually does the trick around the house and the best bait that can attract the mouse to the trap is some bacon. However, once a mouse is caught in the trap, removing it from the premises is as essential as dead mice are a potential health hazard.

In areas where chemical rodenticides cannot be put to use, multi-catch traps are the safest bets while glue boards too come in handy here.


Controlling Mice Using Chemicals

At Mouse Control Markham, depending on the level of mice infestation that has ensued on a particular property, the use of chemical rodenticides to control and terminate the mice population could be implemented.

Anticoagulant rodenticides are put to use here and the doses are decided taking into consideration the level of infestation and design of the property. Our exterminator takes extreme precautions to ensure that the contents of these sealed containers do not come into human contact in any manner, thereby making the process a completely safe one.


Protecting Your Property from Mouse Invasion

Protecting your property from mice isn’t as hard as it looks and although these creatures may look like nothing can hold them back, there exist several ways to keep away mice from entering your property.

Here’s a list of precautionary measures Mouse Control Markham can implement to keep mice away from your property.

Screening of vents on the roof

Installing rat guards in sewers

Sealing pipe openings to keep mice away

Fixing metal screens on dryer vents

Shutting off small holes

Sealing utility line guards

Apart from these measures, simple precautionary steps such as keeping your doors and windows closed at all times or even fitting mosquito screens on windows helps keep mice away.


At mice control Markham, we offer you a permanent solution to the mice menace by implementing solutions in line with the extent of your problem. Call 647-496-0492 today to call in an exterminator who will end your mice nuisance permanently.