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Mice Control

Mouse control and removal solutions in Toronto and the GTA. We offer effective extermination services and mouse proofing services to make sure you don’ have to deal with mice again.  Mice are resilient and can make their way in almost any structure using very small holes.

Mice are quite apt and can enter a house from holes the size of a dime. Once within your house they start a cycle of destruction and catastrophe. Mice reproduce fast, and getting rid of them as soon as possible is very important. The rapid removal of rats and mice is important to preventing the scenario from getting unmanageable. Mice leave a scent trail and these smells can attract more and more mice and other rodents like rats.

As these new rodents enter your space, your attic, your basement, they breed. As the problem grows, you might start noticing the signs. Fecal pellets, gnawd wood, eaten food, tracks or even spotting a mouse. If you begin noticing signs then chances are the problem needs treatment right away.

A small rodent problem can quickly lead to a full on rodent infestation. The infant mice can begin breeding with one another after an extremely limited period. Within a year, a couple mice can turn in a population of 100.

Mice can build their nests in your attic, within walls, behind cupboards, in basements and other hard to reach places. We use a variety of treatments to deal with a rodent problem. The first step is to inspect your space for signs of mice. Once the indicators are found we place bait stations in the most frequented routes. Mice will feed and go back to their nests. The population will begin to be affected within a few weeks. This method is the most effective. We then seal all entry points to seal off your space.

If you have a mouse problem give us a call.